Yannik Wendt

Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Matthias Schönherr



1 18/19

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Explosion-proof LED Light for Taskforces

The new concept of the ATEX-certified luminary HERO by KSE-Lights responds to requirements as defined by fire brigade emergency forces: luminosity, battery duration, and weight match the standards defined by the market leaders – while outperforming the lifespan of the rechargeable batteries of the competition. For the first time, a luminary based on inductive charging hits this vertically oriented market.

More of HERO's USPs and innovative solutions result from collaborating with fire brigades: ergonomic design, allowing for easy and comfortable grip – including when handling with working gloves – as well as an excellent stability when placed on the ground. Attaching the luminary to your work wear is very easy and convenient. Two big hex bolts, integrated into the base, allow to break small glass windows easily.
Form factors, ergonomics, material, and stability of KSE-Light’s HERO convey an impression of the quality and high value of the product – as a trustworthy partner in harsh operations.

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