Felix Fastenrath

Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert


1 18/19

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Personal Travel Guide

Unfold is a personal travel guide which leads the user to interesting yet less well known places beyond the tourist track. The tips provided can’t be found in a printed book, so unlike the places described in an ordinary travel guide, they are real insider tips.

The user prints the personalised guide themselves. It shows which sights are planned for the day, along with further useful background information. The accompanying compass gives auditory cues to aid finding the destination, leaving the user free to enjoy discovering the surrounding environment.

The travel planning is supported by a mobile application which takes the user's preferred destinations and enriches the schedule with sights that match their interests. After the guide has been compiled and printed the app is not needed during the trip. Consequently the user can enjoy their travels independent of mobile data and battery life of their smartphone.

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