Felix Schwamkrug

Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Andreas Kalweit


1 18/19


Solution for the Transportation and Use of Camera Equipment

Capsule is a way of transporting camera equipment and also serves as an expansion for photography. Brief moments a photographer wants to capture require a fast reaction so quick access to the camera is essential. Capsule therefore features a fast opening compartment for the camera, without compromising on protection against shock or water.

Capsule is a modular system so it can easily be adapted and expanded depending on the camera equipment – or stay compact if needed. The photographer can also choose between different ways of carrying the bag and positions to attach the camera without having to take it off. On top of this, an integrated multifunctional greycard helps the photographer to adjust colour, exposure and focal points for challenging scenarios.

The design of Capsule is functional, clean and understated with only a few colour accents and a glow-in-the-dark Capsule logo.

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