8th. semester

TD2 (WP)

Technical thesis project

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Andreas Kalweit
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert

The technical thesis project involves the penetrative theoretical analysis of a topic area, the development of an appropriate solution, and the embedding of this solution in the context of a brand or sales line and its production and market environment.

The distinguishing features of this project are a comprehensive, constructive solution and the production of a design prototype. This in-cludes the independent execution of a realistic design project, integrating all the knowledge gained so far on the course, and calling for target-oriented work within a fixed time schedule and the presentation of all design project results.


  • Thesis
  • CAD modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Colloquium

Module Director
Prof. Andreas Kalweit

The thesis handbook can be downloaded from the Service pages