Puffy Plug

Multiple socket design

Helene Wicht

Dipl. Des. Volker Hübner
Prof. Martin Topel


Sommer 23

Technisches Entwerfen

Contact h.wicht@online.de

Design of a beanbag brand is known for its modern and playful style. The products of the brand are characterized by clean lines, eye-catching colors and cheerful appearance. The concept of "Puffy Plug" focuses on functionality, comfort and a certain casualness. Inspired by the iconic beanbags of the Fatboy brand, the "Puffy Plug" integrates a multiple socket in an enveloping cushion. This combination allows for relaxed and cozy charging of tech devices with a Schuko plug or USB-C ports. The generously sized and voluminous cushion serves as a discreet storage for the socket inside as well as for connected devices and cables. This allows for harmonious integration into various interior design styles.

The "Puffy Plug" is made of high-quality materials in bold colors that convey a playful and cheerful character. The shape of the multiple socket is based on the geometric cylinder shape. This clear and simple shape gives the product a timeless look and a soft, organic appearance. The integration of the multiple socket into the cushion gives the product a simple elegance and puts the focus on comfort and functionality.

*This project was developed as a student project and not on behalf of any companies mentioned.

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