Pigeon Loft concept for better living conditions for feral pigeons

Vincenzo Lenopoli

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Andreas Kalweit


Sommer 22


Contact i_vincenzo@web.de

Feral pigeons are descended from domestic pigeons, that were originally bred from wild Rock Dove. Today they have become adapted to urban life and cause a lot of pollution through their manure on unfavorable spots which are often difficult and time-consuming to clean. One solution to integrate feral pigeons better in Cities is to build Pigeon Lofts in which they are taken care of in a species appropriate way. This leads them to become sedentary. To control the population, the eggs are switched with fake eggs.
This concept focuses on a more ergonomic cleaning process. The folding nest cells and the polypropylene tiles should facilitate cleaning, making it faster, more comfortable and thoroughly. The manure can be swept through the tile holes on the manure belt for drying. Subsequently, it is guided in the container through the muscle operated wheel and can be then composted for later use as a fertilizer.

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