Schilf Cleanser

Lea-Marie Loncaric

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Andreas Kalweit


Sommer 22



The product „Schilf Cleanser“ cleans your gray water and makes it available for garden irrigation. This saves water and relieves the burden on nature and the city‘s sewage treatment plants.
The gray water is pumped from the house into the septic tank of the „Schilf Cleanser“
pumped. Particles settle there, which then come from the Kako-car or from themselves
can be pumped out, the mud can be processed as fertilizer.
The overflowing water is passed on to the plants.The plants filter then die
pollutants out while the earth captures and cleans larger particles.The filtered water then runs into the water tank and can be used from there with the pump to water the plants in the area.

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