Mixed Reality Systems for the Industrial Sector

Zhidong Xia

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


Sommer 22

Contact xzdboy@live.cn

There are Maschines reporting fails every day in factories around world. The repair is often associated with high costs due to the engineers' traveling abroad and factories' waiting times. In practice, at the same time, irregularities and inefficiencies also frequently occur, for example when new employees are being trained or new machines are being installed.
The mixed reality system of KAN MR addresses these two scenarios in the industrial environment. The goggles are the main component: the employee at the machine site is remotely connected to the manufacturer. Thus, he/she can virtually see through the goggles, provide immediate support and solve the problem. Usually, MR goggles can only be used in one room, but the KAN MR system with its additional base stations, that are installed in different locations in the factory, can be used to access different machines in different places. The associated controller is ring-shaped to be worn on finger, it is a more precise and reliable way to interact than the standard gesture control.
The system thus offers machine manufacturers a highly attractive package of functions for industrial customers, enabling them to individualize their own brand content and design, which they can proudly offer to their customers as an additional service for the machine.

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