Hybrid Rain Barrel

Design of rain barrel tank for garden irrigation

Kai Bettermann

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Andreas Kalweit


Sommer 22


Contact kaibettermann7@gmail.com

The "Hybrid Rain Barrel" is a rain barrel that can be modified in a modular way.
Nowadays, in most cases, gardens are irrigated with drinking water. The problem is that we have enough rainwater, but there is no good and simple storage option for it. For this purpose, the "Hybrid Rain Barrel" is the perfect solution. Its adaptability and design makes it easy to fit into any garden. It consists of various plug-on modules and so-called adaptation modules. However, the storage here is a bag made of polypropylene, which is available in two different sizes. Depending on which size of rain barrel you prefer, it can be converted and you will get the right bag to go with it. The entire "rain barrel" is stabilized via rods that are connected to each other within the product. Watering the garden is done by the water pressure that is present in the water tank. This allows the water to spread over the garden and reach the plants via a drip hose.

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