Storage System for Garden Tools

Sebastian Cammann

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Dipl. Des. Anne Kurth


Sommer 22


Storing and maintaining garden tools tends to be neglected. Products for the garden are often simply put down after work and not cleaned. The “Gardian“ is a system that improves device storage and cleanliness.

The compartments have different depths in order to be able to store tools of different sizes optimally. Small gardening tools can be accommodated above the raised floor, and the high bracket improves the grip for long-handled gardening tools.
Thanks to the integrated brush compartment, various tools can easily be cleaned immediately after gardening. This significantly extends the life cycle of the garden tools.

The Gardian is dirt optimized and designed in such a way that water retention cannot form. It can be easily cleaned with a garden hose.
The devices can be stored in it until the next time you use them in the garden, so that no additional storage space is required. Therefore the tools are right next to you and ready to hand for the next use: that means time and space savings.

With its combination of mobility, storage space and cleaning options, the Gardian makes gardening much easier and makes gardening more fun.

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