System to strengthen the brand experience of medium-sized companies

Maximilian Klaiß

Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert
Prof. Martin Topel


Winter 22/23

Contact maxklaiss42@gmail.com

Ouro is a web-based program designed to visualize and monitor touchpoints to improve the brand experience.

Using customizable boards, mid-sized companies can visualize their customer journey and monitor each of the elements. Employees can easily measure the quality of the touchpoints and initiate necessary improvements.
The core of the data collection are automated surveys, which are published on the various channels of the company. Customers have the opportunity to fill out surveys on the quality of the touchpoints. The results will be displayed in real time inside of the tool.
OURO users then have the opportunity to initiate improvement steps based on the evaluated data, which sustainably increases the quality of the touchpoints.

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