Development of a strategy to improve the visibility of courses

Alexandra Katsnelson
Camilo Martins
Henry Böhler
James (Zhidong Xia)
Jana Horst
Lara Aue
Lena Kölmel
Lisa Kupferschmidt
Mert Gözel
Thiemo Luhmann

Prof. Dr. Martina Fineder
Prof. Gert Trauernicht


Winter 22/23

After leaving school, prospective students are faced with the difficult question of which degree programme best suits them. The current overview is often insufficient and more confusing than helpful.

Studymatch is a platform that aims to solve the existing problems with a holistic approach. It creates an interface in the communication between prospective students and universities that offers advantages for both sides. Prospective students can see which degree programmes really suit them, while the university's own presentation and data maintenance is optimised.

A special feature is the procedure with which the degree programmes are separated from the previous categories of the faculties on the basis of their concrete contents. This makes it possible to find access to previously unknown degree programmes and to explore them on the basis of interest. In this process, all degree programmes are mapped in a visual representation in order to reduce the amount, with the help of various personality tests and thus narrow down the selection.

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