Draft of a suitable touring support for climbing mountains in the winter months for people unfamiliar with the area

Simon Rummenhöller

Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Matthias Schönherr


Winter 22/23


Ski touring in the winter months can be an exciting adventure, but it also carries significant risks, especially for those unfamiliar with the local terrain. In the last 6 years alone, 622 people have had accidents in Austria and 109 have died. In many cases, it is the skiing of the slope that triggers the fatal avalanche. In more than 90% of all registered avalanche accidents, the victims triggered the avalanche themselves.

To ensure the safety of these people, SA:VE, a new tour support system, was developed especially for winter mountaineering. This system provides comprehensive orientation aids and focuses on route recommendations and a fast and smooth rescue process.

SA:VE is a product set consisting of an avalanche transceiver with shovel and probe. Users are empowered with SA:VE to solve major stressful situations intuitively, independently and quickly by optimising the rescue process. The GPS and satellite integration enables sustainable route planning and decision support in key passages by offering simple route guidance- and marking-functions for conspicuous spots.

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