Development of a digital tool that enables seniors to live independently for as long as possible

Nick Wode

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Dr. Martina Fineder


Winter 22/23


Demographic trends underline the need to relieve our healthcare system. A high degree of exercise and individual forms of therapy, which can be realized independently with digital guidance, prevent the occurrence of common types of accidents in old age. Staying longer in familiar surroundings not only relieves the burden on care facilities, but also ensures that quality of life is maintained.

Carelina is a mobile and smart emergency call assistant that gives users more freedom. Not only the extensive range of functions, but also the appearance can be easily changed and adapted to personal preferences. Due to the valuable appearance, Carelina looks less like a medical device rather more like a lifestyle product that contributes to more open-mindedness and a broader range of users.
In addition to the increased feeling of security, it leads to better accessibility, thus fewer worries for relatives and also more independence.

With Carelina, the users and their needs are in focus and determine the network of players. The core functions, such as access to help, can be carried out directly on the handset, and the system is supplemented by a charging station with integrated lighting and additional storage space.
Access to other services, such as procuring groceries, is given to users via an associated app that is part of the system.

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