New Ways of Working Create New Styles of Management

Pin Yu Chiu

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Dr. Martina Fineder
Dipl. Des. Anne Kurth


2 20

Research- and Strategy Project


This year, our lifestyle and way of working have been influenced significantly by COVID-19 and we currently hear the word "quarantine" more often. This also means that the traditional way of working – having meetings with colleagues in a physical room or working in the same office – has to adapt to the current situation.

In this context, the question arises how management in traditional companies should change for the digital space. By training employees, collaboration in the digital space could be improved. Companies should train employees at all levels of the organisation to learn how to lead and make decisions. When employees make their own decisions and ideas inspire them, their attitude to work will change from passive to active. In this case managers should focus more on the emotions of team members and their interaction with each other than on the projects themselves.

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