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The cust.o product system is aimed at restaurants that operate during epidemic times and have to organize their customer flow. The danger of human accumulation and infection is to be feared especially in closed rooms, such as in restaurants. The system consists of an info panel to be attached to windows and partitions, an app for communication between guests and waiters, as well as presence sensors that can be attached to doors of sanitary facilities.

When the screen is approached a built-in infrared sensor detects potential guests and switches the screen to an updated map of the exact seating positions. Through the app, the necessary personal data is recorded immediately and stored for 14 days. Another feature of the app is the connection to the presence sensors in the sanitary facilities. This allows for the user of the smartphone to determine whether there are free toilets and will prevent queues. Ordering via the app reduces traffic within the restaurant and minimizes the danger for waiters as much as possible.

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