Zhidong Xia

Prof. Martin Topel


1 20/21



Meto is an urban commuting solution based on large-scale artificial intelligence (AI). Many urban traffic problems could worsen in the future, such as traffic jam, energy shortages, and lack of parking.
Today's roads are underutilized because humans or AI driving systems can only guess what others are doing, so a lot of space needs to be reserved. If an entire city of vehicles were controlled by one single AI without delay, the vehicles would no longer be strangers, but the hands and feet of the same person.

Also, there is often only one passenger in a vehicle, and several other seats are empty. And each empty seat is a waste of road space. If the concept of sharing is promoted and each person who books a ride can be assigned by the AI in an optimistic way and ride together, then efficiency will be further increased.

Passenger comfort will be very important in this particular solution. The five swivel seats balance privacy and sociability, and are comfortable for both solo and family trips. In addition, the Meto has soft lighting, plenty of storage space and a reasonable amount of interior space.

This project was developed as a student project and not on behalf of any company mentioned.

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