Gina Vanessa Lohkamp

Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert
Dipl. Des. Sascha Dittrich


1 20/21


Cable pull for workouts at home

Joi is a new type of cable pull for the training at home. It consists of several modules to allow for an individual composition according to the user's wishes. The main components are the wall and floor modules. The wall module can be equipped with either a mirror or a panel with an integrated weight bench. The panel and the bench are available in two colors. The pulleys are adjustable in height. If the mirror is chosen and the bench is still desired, it is possible to use the bench independently with a second leg. This bench can also be used for the floor module.

Joi does not work with weights like conventional cable pulls, but with a motor that can be continuously and easily adjusted to the desired resistance. Setting them functions via a control that can be attached to the wall or floor module with magnets. Either ergonomic handles or a bar for training can be mounted on both modules.

The wall module is delivered in individual parts. The frame consists of four aluminum parts that are connected to each other with screws. The technical box and the frame are also screwed to the frame and the frame is mounted to the wall. The floor module is independent and can be stored anywhere.

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