Leo von Boetticher
Jonathan Cohen Harel
Alexander Müller
Leon Affeldt
Bjarne Toedte

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 20/21


JAABER is a video conferencing system that improves and facilitates the quality and flow of your digital meetings. Compatible with any smartphone and freely movable, the product adapts individually to your workplace.

In addition, JAABER combines important features such as task lighting, document camera and sound output device. A true icon for your desk and your perfect companion during and also after the Corona pandemic.

See you soon.

  • Head up Display  UWID

    Head up Display
    Hannah Wüpping

  • Cali  UWID

    Kai Bettermann

  • Mediculus Smart Glasses  UWID

    Mediculus Smart Glasses
    Marie Ibach<br>Nick Wode

  • IR-Temp. Unit 1.01  UWID

    IR-Temp. Unit 1.01
    Jonathan Cohen Harel