Nutzervision als Innovationstreiber

Marc Burghoff

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Dipl. Des. Anne Kurth

Leica Microsystems


1 19/20


A "User Vision" On the Internal Company Question: What are We Developing for Our Customers?

Companies operate in an increasingly complex and competitive market environment. The user-centred orientation of entrepreneurial trade is one way of ensuring competitiveness in changing markets.

Taking the microscope manufacturer Leica Microsystems as an example, the master's thesis describes an exemplary user-centred design process that shows the company a way to integrate the future user as an expert of his environment and as an innovation driver into internal development and innovation processes.

The thesis includes a procedure that enables the company's design department to supplement the existing user knowledge about a target group and transform it into a "user vision". The vision represents the user relevance of the target group at the start of a project, promotes identification with the target group and inspires and influences the development of ideas in the innovation process.

This master's thesis was developed in cooperation with the external design department of Leica Microsystems and is subject to confidentiality.

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