Simon Rummenhöller

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 19/20



Arrive offers the possibility to reflect yourself and your performance even after your tour. The integrated interface allows for a very specific analysis of your own driving data and
combines it with a linked app. The soft racetrack shapes give the device an appealing appearance to make the interaction and operation of the device attractive to the user. The
function of the light is highlighted by colour as well as its location and button layout. The angled shape allows the stem to be raised ergonomically and increases the legibility of the
display while driving.

The front light has three LED rings that can also be used as regular front light. The connection to the bike for data exchange is made using a dovetail joint embedded in the stem. Taking the device with you for later evaluation of the data and coupling it with other applications provides additional reliable protection against theft, as the e-bike only works in combination with the display control unit.

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