Enrico Suhm

Prof. Martin Topel


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Technisches Entwerfen


Vipp is based on the target to fulfill a pure and sensuous interaction. Therefore we reduce to the essential, by keeping maximum quality.
The core element on this occasion is represented by the three-staged knob. The functions on, off and tare were respected und are understood in their elementary interaction semantics. To choose between metric- and US-system you just have to flick the unit knob on the backside. The product is a unit closed in itself and is blending in perfectly in the environment of vipp. Recurrent elements, such as the removeable silicone parts and the simplified basic shapes, don't leave any questions and guarantee a perfectly fine usecase.
The perfect kitchentool.

  • Input  UWID

    Katlin E. Sommer

  • edgeboard  UWID

    Luis van den Berg

  • Tupper-Waagschale  UWID

    Miriam Glöß

  • Smart Backofen  UWID

    Smart Backofen
    Liang Zhao