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Helpeo belongs to the household series of Samsung's small appliances. It is very flat and compact, so it is easy to stow away. Its simple color scheme makes it modern. This kitchen scale is, as its name suggests, a great helper in cooking and baking processes by recipe.
It is quick and easy to use and what's special is that the scale can be operated completely without buttons. By lying down on the four load cells, Helpeo turns on automatically. After two minutes, Helpeo switches to standby mode, after three minutes the scale switches off completely. The kitchen scale switches immediately off when placed upright.
In order to use the tara function, you must lift the weighing material briefly and then put it back on the weighing platform. During this process, the number of grams is set to zero.
The four load cells weigh up to five kilograms and give an accurate result. Helpeo has a lithium-ion battery, which is charged via a USB Type-C cable. The connection is located on the back of the scale. It can be closed with a small silicone cap, so it is protected from dust and dirt. The display has a unique design. The curved shape that flows across the surface and the display gives the scale a special character, matching Samsung's basic design approaches.

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