Daru Aquaponik

Anne Dallüge
Jasmin Russo

Prof. Andreas Kalweit
Prof. Matthias Schönherr


1 18/19

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Aquaponic System for the Public Sector

Arable land for food production is increasingly declining, while the world population continues to increase. The aquaponic system offers alternatives in that it combines fish and plant breeding in a closed cycle. In the developed system, plants are fed by the wastewater of the fish, while the fish utilize the resulting plant residues. The focus of this thesis was the development of a system for the public restaurant sector.

This consists of a freely scalable plant shelf, which is supplied via drip irrigation with aquarium water. The modular system offers high freedom of design through freely selectable materials and a customizable form to the individual room situation. In addition, a system control unit for this product has been developed, which informs the user via app about the most important data. This control unit also allows inexperienced users to find a simple introduction to aquaponics.

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