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Visionlabs has established itself as a platform for visionary product development in the Industrial Design program. For many years, we have been collaborating with numerous partners on a wide range of projects:

The Institute for Visionary Product Development is internationally oriented with regard to its standards and methods of working, while at the same time regionally anchored.
As an institute of the Bergische Universität, this connection is especially important to us. Around 50% of our project partners are from the region or from North Rhine-Westphalia, and cover the entire spectrum of business sectors and sizes.

National and international companies and project partners
The other half of our project partners are drawn from national and international companies. We carry out these projects in English so that both the project presentations and the project documentation can be made available to an international team. In recent years, numerous highly interesting and visionary tasks have been developed in the area of product and strategy development.

The journey is often the reward
For our project partners, the process of innovation development is often, besides the actual project result, the most valuable insight from the collaboration. Since we at the Institute are continually breaking new ground in the development of tomorrow's products, a project result is foreseeable to a large extent foreseeable in advance, but we do not give our project partners a conventional guarantee of re-sults.
On the other hand, we do guarantee the disruption of established ways of thinking and working and unconventional, university-level expertise in product and concept ideas of the future.