Degree Projects

Thesis Master and Bachelor

The bachelor's and master's graduates of the 2020/21 Winter semester dealt with environmental topics - biodiversity on the plate and in one's own garden, the removal of waste from nature and waste avoidance in the mail-order business. Another topic was personal protection: There were projects on occupational safety, equipment for parachute jumps and an air purifier. Other solutions have been developed for – among others – kitchen appliances, music production, microscopy in the classroom and strength training in the home.


Helmet for parachute jumping This project's intention was to improve the safety of a skydiving equipment. Security is the number one priority in skydiving. Many checks will ensure that the skydiver…

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Interior concept for autonomous ride-hailing JUST RIDE. is an interior concept for autonomous ride-hailing. Its main focus is set on problems of already existing sharing vehicles such as the lack of…

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Visionlabs – Design Meets Movement 2.0 /
5th Semester

Concepts for Furniture Systems of the Future with LINAK

Fold, push, lift - Our cooperation partner Linak manufactures linear drives for office furniture (e.g. lifting columns for height-adjustable desks). Our students experimented with this, thought in all spatial and situational dimensions and developed furniture for different uses, because furniture has to change when we work more at home, when office space is empty due to increasing home offices, when we share workplaces with others.

150° Business

There is a lot of furniture in seminar rooms that is necessary, but only used temporarily. Accordingly, situations are common in which they can be a nuisance. The 150 degree table combines a…

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The two height adjustable desks HVID & SORT are designed for office use. HVID & SORT allow the user to individually design his workplace and to isolate himself from his environment if…

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Visionlabs - Objects of Everyday Life in 2050 /
5. Semester

Objects of the Future Everyday Life

In Project 2050, students analysed developments of the last 30 years in order to gain insights about what the objects of everyday life could look like in 30 years and embedded them in a science fiction clip.


Meto is an urban commuting solution based on large-scale artificial intelligence (AI). Many urban traffic problems could worsen in the future, such as traffic jam, energy shortages, and lack of…

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food delivery system 2050

This semester we dealt with household appliances that should form the set of a science-fiction movie. For this purpose, I had a look on the basic need for food, among other things, and examined what…

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Design for Good / Master

Design for the Good Cause

The master's students looked into how designers can use their skills for a good cause and collaborate with non-profit organizations. In the process, the Design for Good platform was created.

Design for Good

How can designers use their skills in a meaningful way and fulfil their responsibility towards society and the environment? This question was at the heart of the Design for Good project, because we…

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Stegreifentwerfen /
3rd Semester

Designs of Devices for Measuring Temperature

In the main project of the 3rd semester the students worked on a topic that has gained a lot of attention due to Corona: Contactless measurements of temperatures – but not only of human bodies, but also of other objects. In the class Stegreifentwerfen the students get to know the design process in the course of several design assignments that go into the matter deeper and deeper from the briefing via research and concept development to the finished design. These contactless thermometers are the first design projects that the students pursued on their own from the beginning to the end.


CHECK-In is an IR thermometer for contactless measuring of the human body temperature that includes all involved persons transparently. Possible users are checkpoints in public and sensitive areas.…

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IR-Temp. Unit 1.01

IR-Temp. Unit 1.01 is an electronic contactless thermometer that measures infrared waves on both people and surfaces of inanimate objects. This is an ideal product for the casual user that must…

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Kachelcross YouConference /
3rd Semester

Design Competition in the Context of Stegreifentwerfen

For the Kachelcross of the Winter semester 2020/21, a video conferencing system with good lighting, microphony and the smartphone as a camera was to be developed. The four groups of our third-semester students designed, visualized and presented their very different solutions extraordinarily professionally.

The overall victory went to the JAABER team. They developed an all-in-one solution that, in addition to the requirements, comes with useful features such as inductive charging, Bluetooth speaker, wireless microphone solution and document camera, and also looks so good that you want to buy it right away. In addition to the overall victory, the team was also pleased to win the Ingenuity and Innovation and Best Entertainment categories, as well as the Audience Award.

Team JAABER: Leo von Boetticher, Jonathan Cohen Harrel, Alexander Müller, Leon Affeldt, Bjarne Toedte


JAABER is a video conferencing system that improves and facilitates the quality and flow of your digital meetings. Compatible with any smartphone and freely movable, the product adapts individually…

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Formkurs / 5th Semester

Design Study Functional Glasses

The aim of this course was to teach extended basics of design.
The focus is on design conception, form generation, and the design of the aesthetic functions (shape and its meaning) of a product. Digital design methods are an essential part of the course.


Poseidon are smart swimming goggles for competitive swimmers that allow the analysis of training parameters. The goggles stand out with their futuristic, continuous visor. It's shape impresses with…

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MAKEME Smartglasses

Due to the current pandemic situation, we decided to design functional glasses for the education sector. This should make it possible to bring teaching materials closer to the children and to loosen…

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Design Basics /
1st Semester

Basics of Artistic Design, Basics of Plastic Design, Drawing and Perspective

For the freshers of this year, the design basics classes were not only about laying a professional foundation in the areas of Artistic Design, Plastic Design and Drawing and Perspective. They also had to master the challenge of growing together as a group, despite spatial separation, in which everyone can and wants to work well together throughout the next years.

Design Basics

The freshers were able to get to know each other in person for only two days at the very beginning of the semester and has since grown together virtually. Group work and joint meetings served this…

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Inspiring Leaders and Self-development

This semester again, id_methodLAB brought new design methods to the students' home offices in digital impulse workshops. One focus was also on the development of one's own personal vision and attitude towards design.


Last semester, the id_methodLAB workshop series focused on the topic of leadership. What can we learn from inspiring leaders and great personalities? And how can we use their stories for our own…

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Writing Breakfast

The focus of the Writing Breakfast in the Winter semester 2020/21 was on the topic of exclusion and diversity. This topic was chosen at the request of the students who had participated in the previous semester. In five sessions, the students discussed, tried out, wrote, designed, and questioned together via Zoom.

Exclusion and Diversity

The Writing Breakfast is a joint project of teachers and students. It provides a framework for creatively addressing current political and social issues and engaging in an exchange about them. We…

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