Master's and Bachelor's Theses

The Bachelor's and Master's graduates of the summer semester 2020 worked on topics such as support for medical communication, illness and crisis situations; but solutions were also developed in the private environment, for example for healthy nutrition, cosmetics, security systems and tools. Road safety is provided by a digital rear-view mirror for motorcyclists.


Development of a system to support therapies for anxiety disorders The heart is pounding, the breath is coming in gasps and the body is covered with sweat – fear is an emotion we feel in many daily s…

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Design of a product that helps asthma patients in acute respiratory distress. The product supports physical health as well as mental health. Asthma is a respiratory disease. In the case of acute…

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Epidemic Management

Solutions for Problems in the Context of Epidemics

The aim of this course was to shed light on the urgent issues of social life in a pandemic situation in order to develop products, concepts and solutions in which industrial design can play out its particular strengths. Among the topics covered were telediagnosis, respiratory therapy and hand disinfection.


Your personal diagnosis device The DIA platform enables you to record health data and transmit it barrier-free to your doctor. The Dia Health app acts as the interface between you and your doctor,…

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The Corona crisis has a strong influence on the development of children. Due to the closure of kindergartens, schools and playgrounds, the children are lacking physical activity and social contacts.…

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Powers in Play

Politics are boring? Board games are not.

In this project, which was funded by the Federal Foreign Office, students from the Industrial Design department of the University of Wuppertal set out to design board games that help players understand politics better – through fun, playful and interactive experiences.


This year's Visionlabs project was supervised by Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert and the German Federal Foreign Office. It was about treating political issues in a playful way. The aim was to make people…

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In the game Crises the players slip into the role of a politician and have to try to beat the game together. This game has two types of cards: Through the Crises cards the players immerse themselves…

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New Work X.0

Design and Development Processes in Times of Digital Collaboration

This semester, students in the Master's programme Strategic Innovation in Products and Services dealt with the design of spatially separated cooperation in design and its related development and innovation processes. Specifically, they asked how future design and development processes must be designed if project participants cannot meet physically, but have to design the entire process formats of collaboration in virtual space – as was the case in the covid-induced lockdown.

Lost in Space

How We Can Find Our Way Around in Digital Spaces As humans we have a strong instinct to feel safe and protected which is directly connected with our ability to orient ourselves in any situation.…

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Brave New World

Talking via video call may look like talking to someone face to face, but it feels different and the messages we intend to send will certainly be received differently: Hardware and software act as…

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Technical Design

Technical Design of a Travel Hair Dryer

In the main project of the 4th semester, the technical design, the students mentally packed their bags and took a travel hair dryer with them. With special consideration of the technical construction, the electronics, electromechanics, mechanics, ventilation, cooling as well as the housing architecture were examined from a functional and formal point of view.

Withings Dry

The simple design of the Withings Dry hair dryer impresses with the way it protects the user and the device: The double-wall construction not only ensures an optimized air flow, which has a positive…

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NIVEA Pure Hair

NIVEA Pure Hair is a practical travel blow dryer that takes up the traditional history of the brand in its shape. The classic pistol design does not only set the hairdryer apart from the monotonous…

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Exemplary Design

Exemplary Design

The 2nd semester students made "a virtue – that is: a design – out of necessity" in the artistic basics: design solutions for defective products were developed. The aim was to integrate and process the defect in such a way that it becomes a special design feature of the product. In addition, a "literature-based" product was to be developed that would fit in with a self-chosen text and its content in terms of time, style and shape. And because everything took place at home during this semester, another project in the 2nd semester focused on "hidden areas" in the personal living environment. There, hidden niches, intermediate zones, overlooked areas, corners and angles were to be tracked down and solutions were to be developed through skilful installation and conversion to give these places a useful purpose.

Exemplary Design

The 2nd semester students made "a virtue – that is: a design – out of necessity" in the artistic basics: design solutions for defective products were developed. The aim was to integrate and pro…

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Workshops alone at your desk at home? Works great! In id_methodLAB we have digitised our impulse workshop series and brought it to the students' home offices.


Starting with Organise, Define, Research, Purpose and Develop, up to Present and the Present BootCamp for graduates. In addition to their own projects, the students also worked on the topic of…

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