A multi-part safety system for cyclists

Torben Brandies

Prof. Andreas Kalweit
Prof. Martin Topel


Sommer 23

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In view of the ongoing traffic turnaround, many people would like to use bicycles more often for shorter journeys, but are put off by the current infrastructure for cycling and do not feel safe riding their bike on the road. In many cases there is a lack of clear demarcation between car and bicycle traffic or cyclists are noticed too late.

Loox is intended to remedy this situation. Consisting of a light system for better visibility of the surroundings and the user themself, a turn signal system for all types of bicycles, a rear view mirror for a better and more ergonomic overview and a laserlight-spacer, cyclists are far safer on the road and feel that way as well.

After use, the system stows compactly in a bag or backpack to be safe from theft and other external influences.

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