Digital Platform for Prospective Students

Helena Hagemeier

Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert


Sommer 22


Prospective students have access to a wide range of study guidance services, but these can quickly overwhelm young people. For this reason, the "Studysteps“ platform was designed. It offers prospective students the opportunity to find the right course of study for them in six steps.
The aim is to reduce the 20,406 degree programs currently on offer in Germany to those that suit the individual and their personal study preferences. To do this, the platform takes a closer look at the factors "interests", "character traits", and "talents" through a self-assessment or an assessment by others. The results of these areas are then compared with all study programs in Germany. In the final step, the study programs that are suitable for the prospective student are presented in such a way that he or she can directly compare them on the basis of various criteria. This evaluation can be used, for example, as the basis for a subsequent consultation at the Central Student Advisory Service.

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