New(s) for you

Successfully Transform

Fabienne Cezanne

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Dipl. Des. Anne Kurth


Sommer 22


Companies are forced to proactively adapt to new environmental circumstances as the world is becoming more and more complex. Agility is supposed to support organizations in becoming a more adaptive by increasing internal flexibility. But the way towards an continuisly evolving company is difficult; today still more than 70% of transformation initiatives fail. A common mistake: underestimating the human factor. Organizational change can only succeed if every member that is part of the system becomes motivated for own personal change. With 'New(s) for you' employees get the opportunity to receive individually configured information relevant for their own personal developement. Time-consuming research for the right data, the resulting stress and the feeling of pressure get eliminated, supporting a more efficient and productive way of working. Through better time management employees have more free time for participating in the company’s transformation process and simultaneously initiating their own change.

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