VR controller that grows with its users

Fabian Stackmann

Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert

Yuliya Sobol


Winter 22/23


Contact fabian.stackmann@uni-wuppertal.de

For many senior citizens, conventional controllers for video games are too complex and ergonomically unsuitable. The modular “Level” controller, which grows with the user, is handy and reduced to the most necessary buttons. The concept is intended to enable senior citizens to learn how to use VR applications step by step. The application used for this is that of a virtual museum, which offers more interaction possibilities from visit to visit: The better one gets along with the controller, the more content can be unlocked in the virtual museum. At the same time, functions are also added to the controller: When visiting the museum for the first time, the controller only includes a single button. In the museum, you would jump from picture to picture in that case. On the next visit, another button and a control element can be added to trigger further actions. In this way, the interaction is constantly expanded by further possibilities until eventually all activities and
rooms of the museum are unlocked. From this point on, the controller can be used in many ways for other VR applications.

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