Architecture and bird scouting with photo function

Moritz Schulz, Adam Green

Prof. Matthias Schönherr
Dipl. Des. Volker Hübner


1 21/22


Contact 1723296@uni-wuppertal.de

Birds, facades, riffraff and streets: Action and resting place are just a swipe away for users. The binoculars offer not only a particularly comfortable grip ergonomics for easy capturing of the moment, but also an integrated photo function.
When actively exploring the urban jungle, the modernly designed binoculars can simply be strapped on or mounted on a tripod. The robust, partially rubberized plastic housing protects the mobile change of perspective in every scenario.

  • HomeBell  UWID

    Maëlise Jourdan

  • SHOTT Binocular  UWID

    SHOTT Binocular
    Lea-Marie Loncaric <br> Mitali Bapat <br> Alexander Müller

  • Galio  UWID

    Alexander Görts

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    Kachelcross "Ballity-Control – SG-200"
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