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Prof. Andreas Kalweit
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert


1 21/22

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Traveling and eating is one of our favorite pleasures. However, heating food while traveling, can prove to be very difficult, especially when luggage is limited. For this, the OTO stove system offers a solution:
OTO is a compact two burner stove.
For transport, the stove is pushed together, making it eight times smaller than common two-burner stoves. Both burners slide into the integrated housing, while beeing transportet. The stand and potholder fold in to follow the shape of the housing. This concept is particularly aimed at bicycle, kayak and trekking travelers in small groups. Instead of multiple individual stoves, groups can prepare meals communally on OTO, strengthening a group experience off the trail.
OTO is also aimed at anyone who sees cooking as a hobby or an art and needs a tool that does more than heat ravioli. For this, OTO is ideally suited, as the wide distance between the burners allows the cook to use two cooking vessels with large radii, as well as the separately controllable burners, allows simultaneous simmering and boiling.

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