Björn Hendrik Hessberg

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 21/22


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The Video Doorbell from 'EAGL Home security' is for post installation and connection to a smart home system. It is battery operated, which means it can be installed without much effort.

The body of the video doorbell has some spanned surfaces and fillets, which are contrasted by hard edges. In addition, height offsets visually break up the front.

The body consists of an aluminum frame with two cutouts and a plastic back shell. The front is divided horizontally into two areas. The upper area houses the camera sensor, status LED and infrared illumination for the night vision function and is covered by a spanned Plexiglas. The lower section contains the bell button embedded in a lightly rubberized surface, and the holes for the speaker and microphone are arranged in a ring around it.

The video doorbell can be controlled by the user via the EAGL Home Security App. This allows the user to use it with giving the least possible amount of personal data.

The power supply for charging is via USB-C, which offers a wide compatibility of charging devices.

The company's name and logo are inspired by the eagle's eye, which misses nothing.


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