Katlin E. Sommer

Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Dr. Fabian Hemmert


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Emergency radio redefined and redesigned

NORA is a completely redefined emergency radio. One that’s not made for being hidden in the first available drawer and, hopefully, never will come to use. NORA turns the dusty and not very serious image of so-called “crank radios” inside out and creates a contemporary product that cuts a fine figure in every household.

Crises and civil protection are uncomfortable topics that very few people like to deal with by choice. An attractively designed product could, in a gentle and unobtrusive way, encourage people to deal with it anyway, even if only subliminally. Ideally, however, it sensitizes every potential buyer to think a little about a topic that is socially relevant.

The handy and robust radio is equipped with a removable flashlight and an e-ink display, which enables the user to receive image content via DAB and thus transmit the radius to be evacuated in the event of a bomb disposal.

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