AXE Hairdryer Plus

Noah Basu

Prof. Martin Topel


2 20

Technisches Entwerfen


The Hairdryer Plus is a travel hair dryer by AXE, which is emerging in the hygiene products sector with its distinctive product language. The user group is young people to young men, who are beginning their first leisure and holidays and are also starting to enter the world of consumption with their eyes open. Brand and fashion awareness are qualities that grow within them. That is why they choose the stylish Hairdryer Plus by AXE.

The design should look stable and sporty. Furthermore, the hair dryer fits perfectly in the hand and is easy to handle due to the centre of gravity in the handle. As a unique feature, the removable handle is in the foreground, which enables an optimised packing size. In addition, the rotating interaction of the hairdryer is reminiscent of the deodorant bottles of the AXE brand.

The rubber flap is not only a striking design element, it also serves as a non-slip and impact protection for the casing. Furthermore, the picturesque pattern at the air inlet quickly catches the eye, which refers to the brand's eye-catching graphics. The colour yellow in the accents contrasts with the rather plain grey of the body and conveys sportiness.

This project was developed as a student project and not on behalf of any company mentioned.

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