Design Basics

Patrick Bauke
Laurin Büscher
Leon Clamor
Lana Deleui
Ruoxi Dong
Manuel Düßel
Felix Felsch
Jiaxin Gong
Jonas Grim
Leo Herringslack
Björn Hendrik Hessberg
Lisa Jagieniak
Katharina Jansen
Maëlise Jourdan
Benedikt Kreißig
Samuel Per Enzo Linsenmeier
Erasmus Lippert
Cederic Marx
Katrin Paulus Castella
Anna Marie Raupach
Rizzo Salvatore Pio
Maike Schiffler
Daniel Schulze
Leonard Semke
Esin Simsek
Finn Ole Sommerhoff
Lisa Sonntag
Jonathan Spieker
Fabian Stackmann
Christian Stratmann
Sarah Trautwein
Enya Tuchenhagen
Michael Wizke
Wen Xin

Prof. Matthias Schönherr
Prof. Gisela Kleinlein
Simone Ruess


1 20/21

Design Basics

The freshers were able to get to know each other in person for only two days at the very beginning of the semester and has since grown together virtually. Group work and joint meetings served this purpose, for example in the artistic basics class, which dealt with the 35 individual analog spaces of the freshmen and the common digital space on Zoom.

In the basics of plastic design class, a number or a letters was to be turned into form shapes and spatial bodies through multiplication, lining up, mirroring, stacking, and in the second step an experimental furniture application was to be developed with it. In another project, cases are shown, which in no way allow conclusions to be drawn about their contents.

  • spectacular  UWID

    Henry Boehler

  • Exclusion and Diversity  UWID

    Exclusion and Diversity

  • Lexo  UWID

    Sebastian Krüger

  • TERA Sport- und Funktionsbrille  UWID

    TERA Sport- und Funktionsbrille
    Nadia Reski<br>Ines Reutter