Sebastian Härder

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Andreas Kalweit


1 20/21

Contact s.haerder@posteo.de

The bee hive for a simple and bee-friendly backyard beekeeping

Checking on the bees on the weekend, watching them building their combs and, in the end, harvesting some glasses of honey – that sounds like a relaxing, nature bound hobby. But many people can’t keep honeybees because it demands a lot of time, muscle power and a decent amount of knowledge.

The Honigbaum uses the latest scientific findings to make an easy and target-oriented beekeeping possible. Therefore, a sensor in the brood chamber provides insights about the status and the development of the colony. The user has a direct insight into the hive through the big window on the back of the Honigbaum.

A bee filter facilitates necessary interactions by preventing contact with the bees. The construction of liquid wood profiles and thermo hemp operates as a thermal insulation that reduces the colony’s need of honey and hence improves its health. An umbrella stand is the only base needed for the installation of the Honigbaum. So nothing stands in the way of beekeeping anymore.

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