Design for Good

Pin Yu Chiu
Ye Eun Cho
Katja Kremser
Tobias Lischka
Caroline Nievelstein
Tim Schüring
Yannik Tu
Nora Weber

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Dr. Martina Fineder
Dipl. Des. Anne Kurth


1 20/21

How can designers use their skills in a meaningful way and fulfil their responsibility towards society and the environment? This question was at the heart of the Design for Good project, because we live in a world of abundance where design often causes more harm than it solves.

To change this, Design for Good shows what design can achieve and connects designers with non-profit organisations so they can learn from each other and improve the world together. Through an intelligent matching system, designers are connected to projects that are a perfect fit for them. They are empowered to recognise their strengths, engage in everyday good work and develop personally and professionally in the process.

For non-profit organisations, Design for Good is primarily about educating them about the opportunities that design offers. They get competent support to master challenges, discover potentials and develop creative solutions.

  • MAKEME Smartglasses  UWID

    MAKEME Smartglasses
    Frederik Bruer<br>Justus Kaufmann<br>Philipp Zigan

  • Thermo Flex.1  UWID

    Thermo Flex.1
    Chiara Krauß

  • Mediculus Smart Glasses  UWID

    Mediculus Smart Glasses
    Marie Ibach<br>Nick Wode

  • FMA Shield  UWID

    FMA Shield
    Simon Rummenhöller<br>Noah Basu