Braun BT10

Enrico Suhm

Prof. Martin Topel
Prof. Matthias Schönherr

Braun GmbH
Wolfgang Stegmann


1 20/21


Every year each person produces about 19.4 kilograms of electronic waste. Worldwide this sums up to 53,6 million tons in one year. The urge for more sustainable solutions is constantly increasing. Recycling is not the most beneficial method to that and should only be a last resort. A much more effective approach is to manufacture products with care and a focus on longevity right from the start. Resulting in grandchildren-able products, which can be repaired, updated, and ultimately will be loved.

Braun BT10 builds on that great potential and brings it into a context that can also perform economically. The final product system is based on value sustainability – durability of functionality, of the physical matter and the emotional significance.

This bachelor's thesis was created in cooperation with the Braun company and is subject to confidentiality.

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