Moritz Windmann

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 18/19



Small, compact and always in focus

one is a camera stabilized in three axes. The gimbal balances movement in realtime and turns every sunset in a movie-ready scene. one can be aligned thanks to its touch-sensitive aluminium surface in the manual mode. It automatically balances your shot perfectly and your subject is always in focus.

Thanks to its small size, one fits perfectly into your pocket, making it the ideal companion on your journey. The 360 degree flash also ensures that your subject is lit in the best way. The camera has an internal storage and is able to wirelessly transfer pictures and videos to your smartphone and save pictures in the cloud of your choice. Additionally, its software offers you various features such as time-lapse photography, slow-motion and automatic editing.

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    Drohne 18/19
    Christian Stadnik

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