Digital Workshop on Agile Methods

Verena Ernst

Prof. Gert Trauernicht

MBA Dipl.-Des. Daniel Urban
Vodafone GmbH


1 18/19


The markets are changing faster and more comprehensively than ever. The changes are complex because different parameters are changing simultaneously. This makes it difficult to predict developments and established processes become inappropriate. Like many other companies, the Vodafone GmbH reacts to this development by introducing agile working methods. This master thesis deals with finding and implementing measures to support the company's development into an agile company. After analyzing agile ways of working, the status quo at Vodafone was captured. This was followed by an iterative process of designing a solution that reaches as many Vodafone employees as possible with minimal resources. The solution is a digital workshop, that provides a theoretical as well as a practical insight into working with agile methods.

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