Katharina Kurm

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 17/18


Contact kurm.katharina@gmail.com

The Radon BT Conferencespeaker is produced to assist at presentations at conference calls. The bluetooth function connects the speaker with a small microphone which is used on your collar or shirt pocket. The microphone can be stowed within the speaker. The connection between microphone and speaker records the voice and recreates it at a higher volume. Radon can be charged via induction charging. The charging base has a mini-USB socket. It is supplied with electricity through this connection.
There are buttons on the front of the speaker: power, increase and decrease volume, and bluetooth. The body is overdrawn and curvy, this gives an exravagant form to the speaker. Plastics and aluminium are the main materials. They give Radon a robust and massive shell. Fabric and leather are used for the outer membrane.

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