one Connect

Miriam Glöß

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 17/18


one Connect combines the advantages of both a portable Bluetooth speaker and a HIFI music station. The speakers function perfectly combined or separated, while staying optimally synchronized with each other and simple to use.
The portable speaker, conveniently charged by the speaker station, is always ready to be taken outside for any spontaneous event. The station is also utilised as an amplifier to improve the sound quality and to bring the volume to higher levels. Both speakers are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible allowing for flexibile and easy connections to other devices such as televisions or computers. This makes it relatively simple to quickly create your own home entertainment system without the frustration of too many wires or devices.
The design is a combination of resonating forms and clearly defined edges to leave an impactful positive impression on the intended younger audience. Materials such as brushed steel and aluminium resist rough wear and create a high quality finish that easily fits both indoor or outdoor use. In addition, the use of mesh fabric adds character by supporting the association to modern sneakers and younger fashion.

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