Portfolio counseling


Information and answers to your questions about applications and/or the degree program:

Portfolio consulting Bachelor Industrial Design at any time by Email or WhatsApp

In times of Corona, we cannot offer consulting at the university, so we have moved to the virtual space: please contact us with a sms and send us a photo/pdf of your work(s) and its current status, we will be happy to give you feedback.
Either via WhatsApp at
+49 1573-4418495
or you please create a pdf and send it with your phone number to mappenberatung@uni-wuppertal.de (file size max 5 MB or wettransfer link). We will then call you back and discuss your portfolio individually.
Stay tuned!
We look forward to getting to know you and your portfolio!
We will let you know here how we plan the next portfolio consultation on 24.4.2020 at 14:00.

Folders on YouTube
You can also be inspired by our portfolio videos on Youtube:
We have discussed some portfolios from the past (which were successful in the selection process) with the selection committee and our students and have run a video camera.
portolio review on YouTube
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This years theme is sustainability. Please find more informations and deadlines for application here popup: yes.

The next/last appointment for the portfolio consultation is scheduled for Friday, 24.04.2020 at 14:00.
Building I, Level 16, Room 60 ( Interfacelab/Atelier Prof. Hemmert)
You don't have to register, just come by!
On our website you will find information on whether the portfolio consultation takes place virtually via a web conference or "in person" at the university. **