Strategies for transforming sustainability interest into concrete implementation actions

Lisa Kupferschmidt

Prof. Gert Trauernicht
Prof. Dr. Martina Fineder


Sommer 23

Contact lisakupferschmidt@web.de

Sometimes you might ask yourself: "What can I really do on my own to address climate change?" The high complexity and multidimensionality of this crisis make it difficult to identify and implement specific personal paths of action. The limited opportunities for participation in existing offerings also contribute to the fact that, despite an interest in sustainability, many people often remain inactive rather than taking action.

The concept of "weact!" provides support by lowering the barrier to participation and offering opportunities to contribute the desire for more sustainability to projects. It creates an interface between the digital and analog realms with the aim of bringing together individuals who want to take action and setting the course for collective impact.
The core element of the concept is a platform that inspires, coordinates, processes, and visualizes sustainable practices and activities.


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