Virginia Kutschera

Prof. Gert Trauernicht


1 19/20


Contact 1849725@uni-wuppertal.de

Bring the track under your control.
EB-33 emits an immense dynamic and it is also an extension that moves your e-bike experience to a higher level. If it is the short way to your work or a lengthy sports stage, EB-33 will surprise you. Its precise processing, matched with high-quality, durable materials, became a symbiosis of design and stability. A titanium frame and grips made of high-quality leather enclose the intuitive touchscreen, with which you will have a new perception of your e-bike. The navigation system as also the lighting will work effortlessly. Thanks to the integrated switching of the support level in the grip, it will be very easy to switch between the different levels by rotating the grip while driving.
Also EB-33 takes care of your safety; its alarm system will be activated automatically when you switch off the controller. Along with the lock your e-bike will have a more effective theft protection. You could activate your bike comfortably with a finger print scan or your personal code so you can continue your journey. This fusion of aesthetics, practical handling und flexible usability shape raises e-mobility to a higher level.

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