Thermo Flex.1


Chiara Krauß


Prof. Gert Trauernicht


Winter 20/21



Thermo Flex.1 makes it possible for private individuals to measure the body temperature of fellow residents such as family members, as well as themselves in everyday life. This means that the target group includes people of all ages living alone.

With the rotatable head, the contactless forehead thermometer can be flexibly adapted to the given situation. A touch screen facilitates operation and setting of the individual features. In addition to the age precision, the unit in which the measurement is to be taken can also be set. Apart from the time and the value measured in real time, it is possible to view the history of the values measured up to this point.

The intuitive operation is also reflected in the shape, which is cylindrical in basic design. The metal appearance and dynamic cutouts give Thermo Flex.1 an elegant aesthetic and ensure that it sits well in the hand. Thermo Flex.1 expands the range of uses of a conventional thermometer and should not be missing in any household.

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