Jian Cui


Prof. Gert Trauernicht


Winter 20/21



Contact cuijian1997@gmail.com

Traditional thermometers have a similar style that lacks personality and a pistol-like shape that sometimes causes nervousness and anxiety in the person being measured. TEMPWORK is a dual-mode contactless thermometer that can measure both body temperatures and the temperature of everyday objects. Its color is warm and bright to make users feel comfortable and warm.

Considering the short time people use the thermometer every day, TEMPWORK is designed to give up some of the grip comforts in exchange for the style difference. Its main body is made of recycled plastic, and its shape is simple and highly customized. Therefore, its target users are young people who seek individuality and are environmentally conscious.

TEMPWORK is highly waterproof, safe, and durable. It retains only the necessary functions (Fahrenheit/Celsius switching, sound feedback, and measurement mode switching). Besides, a removable sensor cover protects the sensor lens from damage in the event of an accidental drop. The lock button below the measurement switch prevents accidental triggering during storage.

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