Serafin Rossa
Tom Schlöffel


Prof. Matthias Schönherr
Dipl. Des. Volker Hübner


Winter 20/21



The functional glasses are designed for private use and enable the user to display a wide variety of information that can be useful in everyday life.

A projector integrated in the frame beams the information onto a prism and projects the image into the viewer's field of vision.
The glasses are operated via an invisible touch surface on the right frame housing.

A "double tap" turns the glasses on, "slide" gestures call up various interfaces, and a "tap" triggers an action such as taking a photo. Possible display information could be weather data, navigation or push notifications.

This project was developed as a student project and not on behalf of any company mentioned.

Serafin Rossa:
Tom Schlöffel:

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